13 februari 2017

Theater de Kampanje

TEDxDenHelder inspireert, creëert en verbindt en versterkt op die manier de stad en regio. Reserveer vandaag nog uw kaarten voor de eerste editie TEDxDenHelder!


In 1984 is TED door Richard Saul Wurman gestart als conferentie waar de onderwerpen Technologie, Entertainment en Design samen werden gebracht en besproken. The Sapling Foundation van Chris Anderson heeft TED in 2001 overgenomen van Richard Saul Wurman om de missie “ideas worth spreading” voort te zetten.  

TED gelooft in de kracht van ideeën als basis voor verandering en is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een wereldwijde non-profit organisatie met als doel het verspreiden van ideeën! Korte, inspirerende presentaties van maximaal 18 minuten, de beroemde TED-talks, zijn het middel om ideeën te verspreiden en worden overal ter wereld gegeven.

Om het verspreiden van ideeën aan te moedigen heeft TED hetTEDx-programma ontwikkeld. Dit biedt individuen en gemeenschappen de mogelijkheid om zelf een event te organiseren volgens de richtlijnen van TED. In 2009 was het voor eerst mogelijk om een licentie aan te vragen en sindsdien verspreidt TED zich wereldwijd!  

Bezoek www.ted.com voor meer informatie voor meer informatie en bekijk hier de TED-talks en optredens van TEDxDenHelder 2017!

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TEDx Den Helder Intro

Burgemeester Koen Schuiling opende op spectaculaire wijze de eerste editie van TEDxDenHelder!

The Farmer, the Tea master and the Commando

– Jeroen van Hoek
Stories often consists of life’s most valuable lessons. This former commando took lessons of the ancient samurai to heart: “One should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths.” Hagakure, the book of the samurai. Listen carefully, it just might save or change your live.

Health professionals have preconceptions, here’s how to fight it

– Danny Jacksteit
Humans are programmed to scan their environment for danger. Every observation goes through a filter after which we decide to fight, flee or approach. More often than not, this filter oversimplifies reality and you create a stigma. An untrue and often negative preconception of the personality of the other. How does this preconception influence the way healthcare professionals approach their clients?

Cookies change the world

– Kazimier Helfenrath 
We bake brownies to hire people. This is Greyston Bakery’s
mission. Learn how an academy teacher in the Netherlands is inspired by a Greyston employee, Dion Drew, to teach his
students about wholehearted goals and motivation theory.

Why designing and producing should be hard work

– Pierre Niviere
What is on top of your shopping list? Many already have it all. But we want bigger, better and more of it. Because making things hardly requires any effort, we produce more than we need. Pierre’s design brings us back to the important question; what do I really need and am I prepared to work for it?

How I built a guitar for The Rolling Stones

– Jeroen Gmelich
Do you remember when you were a teenager and thought you were immortal? That you could handle everything and say ‘yes’ to every challenge thrown at you? My friend dared me to build a guitar for the Rolling Stones. Here's what hapened.

Stay in rhythm, how the beat kept me going

– Alex Wegman
How resilient are you? My dream was to become a guitar player. Cancer had my arm removed. While still in the hospital a video of Rick Alan, a one armed drummer of Def Leppard, inspired me to become an e-musician. Now I am touring the world under the brand name ‘OneArmed’.

Innovation is like nuclear fusion, explode or implode

– Paul Borm
Innovation is like nuclear fusion. Two particles collide releasing an enormous amount of uncontrollable energy. Large organizations and institutions want to innovate, but controlled.
Hereby they try to prevent an explosion, but effectively they create an implosion. Where is your organization heading? 

How stories overcome differences

– Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani
At what age do we become conscious of which group we belong to? And how does this process even work? See how an Israeli and an Iranian overcame their differences and help others to overcome theirs.

It's about the systems, stupid

– Patrick Moriarty 
We live in a society that consists of complex systems like Healthcare, Education and Sanitation. But despite this we are systems blind. We are not willing to invest in long-term solutions and instead focus on quick wins and opportunist leaders. What can we learn from people who are building systems in third world countries? What are the long term costs of quick wins?

What refugees bring

– Ruba Nawaz
We are afraid of that what we don’t know. This comes naturally to people. So please go out and meet ‘the others’. Meet the refugees in your hometown. Relief yourself of the unrealistic fear that is bothering you. Experience the wealth they bring through stories and music of hope.

What makes photography art?

– Flore Zoé
How do you, as an artist, stay unique when you are confronted with thousands of images each day? How do you know that what you create is truly yours and not influenced by others? Look inside! Dig deep into your own emotions and translate this in an image. It isn’t easy and you just might not like what you find. But the results are honest, authentic and unique pieces of art.

Why Esports should be in the Olympics in 2024 

– Jon Pan
We should leverage the global phenomenon of esports to improve the bodies, wills, and minds of millions of youth around the world. Support this idea and sign a petition.

Prevent accidents, train non-technical skills

– Rhona Flin
When was the last time that you texted someone while driving? Almost 80% of serious or fatal accidents are due to human error. A mistake, carelessness or a deliberate action to ignore a protocol. It's not the technology that lets us down, but our own actions. Oil spills, medical faults, car accidents, most of them are human errors. Training in Non-technical skills show a remarkable decrease in accidents.

My old town

– Joost Dobbe
A song about the city of Den Helder.
Written for TEDxDenHelder.

Napoleon and the secret of the dam

– Erik Verheul
Just north of the Navy base in Den Helder, The Netherlands there lies a small dam, called the Napoleon dam. But this structure was build 15 years before the great small conqueror came to our land. What is the secret of this dam? Also learn how the TEDxDenHelder event led up to rewrite history.

A dancers dream

– Tim Peters
Dreaming for kids comes naturally. We, as adults have to stimulate this wherever and whenever we can. See this young boy’s dream come true.

Open source robots, why we all should contribute

– Eric Wesselman
Social robots are changing our world. The hardware is nearly there, but the software development process is slow. How can we excel this? Open source development. This way, enthusiasts from all over the world will contribute to program robotic behaviour and enhance their functionality. With this robotic behaviour will become an exponent of all human behaviour and not necessarily that of the corporates that build them.

Fire will save our economy

– Roy Pype
The world evolves in massive speed. What is new today, is outdated tomorrow. And all this is shared on the internet. So why do we want to keep meeting each other physically? Apart from our need for emotional connection, is there also a functional necessity? Yes, there is. To share knowledge and to create. 

From a dream to a EU funded project, using toys

– Daniel Weiss
What is a Duck? You think you know the answer. Watch this
TEDTalk and be surprised off all the possible answers.
The roads to European Union funded projects are long and hard. Bureaucracy makes it difficult to meet all requirements. Brickme is a simple and transparent procedure that helps young entrepreneurs from a dream to a funded project. 

100% percent heritage-tax and a clean sheet for everyone

– Christiaan Fruneaux 
Did your parents had a dream for you? Did this dream inspire you to explore, research or create? Or did this dream cause pressure, an academic obligation and a set career path? What if, when we die, we give all our money back to the state instead of to our own children? With this money we would be able to give everybody a basic income. Hereby creating a clean sheet and give everybody the opportunity to do what they truly want in life. With the ever decreasing necessity to work in the modern industry this just might be the saviour of democracy.

How to distinguish sheer motivation from blind ambition?

– Jelle Staleman
On the K2, above 7.000 meters you can’t eat, drink or sleep. During a summit attempt of 72 hours your heart rate is constantly higher than 180 beats per minute and this by 18 hours of physical hard work a day. Low oxygen levels make even the simplest cognitive tasks difficult. How do you make hard lifethreatening decisions in these conditions? Jelle explains how crucial decision making saved his life and how others lost theirs.
TEDxDenHelder inspireert, creëert en verbindt en versterkt op die manier de stad en regio. Het beoogde resultaat: Een positieve powerboost waarvan de effecten in, rondom en ver buiten Den Helder zichtbaar zullen zijn, ook op de langere termijn!